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Claudia Moore - Partner


Claudia became President of Material Insight in 2007 when founder, Shelley Kuipers, took on leadership of Cambrian House, now Chaordix. At the helm of a network of growth agents for tech startups, Claudia has helped identify the differentiating traits that become core to their competitive advantage. She has a strong track record for integrated marketing and Internet-based business that is practical, resourceful and firmly rooted in the sales goals of an organization. She is a respected planner and collaborative advisor to corporate executives, creative and technical teams. 

When she first arrived in Calgary in 2000, Claudia joined Stormworks Ltd. as Vice President Customer Strategy. In spring 2002, Stormworks went onto merge with financial services leader, Solium Capital Inc. Claudia moved over to direct communications and marketing for Solium, helping to establish its original brand and sales momentum in Canada. Claudia has more than a dozen years of experience gained as a Vice President Marketing or communications consultant to organizations including iStockPhoto, Tynt, Replicon, Evoco and WestJet Airlines. Recently, Claudia helped to re-launch and open a new line of product revenue for Cambrian House rebranding it Chaordix as their VP Marketing.

Contact Coordinates:

claudia @ materialinsight.com
mobile 403.703.0029
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