10 years in - MI founding story rings true


When we start working with a new tech client, we often ask about their founding story - what motivated them to start their venture? What difference were they hoping to make in the world? Typically this gets an entrepreneur talking about their deepest wishes or problems they want to crack. They get talking with so much passion that their tired shoulders peel back and we get to know the real mission of their venture. In the spirit of transparency, we'd like to share our founding story so you can appreciate what drives us.

In 2003, brother and sister duo, Shelley Kuipers and Todd Kuipers, founded Material Insight as an unconventional consulting company to make vital marketing expertise available to tech entrepreneurs. The Material Insight team had sleeves rolled up ready to convert those averse to outsourcing, and to build revenue one client win at a time making the business financially sustainable from day one.

What would it take for it to work? Above all, MI committed to...

  • Be practical.
  • Be affordable.
  • Be leading specialists at advising technology entrepreneurs.
  • Be a team with the courage to experiment, learn from mistakes and have an impact.  

And share the joy of innovating.

These values have guided MI's evolution over the past ten years. Our team continues to evolve under the leadership of partners, Claudia Moore and Chantel Elliott, who have injected new passions and talent for inbound marketing, social media, and modern online storytelling through content.

We continue to adapt and learn serving the clients we love to work with best. Sound like a possible fit for you? Follow us to learn more.