Case Study: Brokercore

A startup in the commercial insurance space, Brokercore offers an affordable, easy-to-use lite brokerage management system to brokers. Having bootstrapped the company through product development and initial market awareness raising, Brokercore chose MI for a lean launch to market - one that would limit spending, leverage two rapidly-approaching industry events, and test market their message. 


 Launch a new category of brokerage management software to the market with a fresh message that could help assess business potential. 

What we did:

  • Buyer research - target buyer interviews, needs assess
  • Brand Definition - define unique message and brand character
  • Starter website - develop minimalist website to support launch, test message
  • Events - develop minimalist booth presence and brochure
  • Blog editorial plan and blog copywriting


  • Warm reception by industry partners, potential channel allies at launch
  • More than 50 leads from initial events
  • Sales team equipped for direct market outreach

Take a look

New website -

Sales collateral

Sales collateral

Tradeshow banner

Tradeshow banner