A call for a marketing audit turned into a close partnership and years of major lead growth.

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Aprio Case Study


Enersight asked for a new website and clearer message. MI helped them position for a winning exit.

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Enersight Case Study


Facing a turnaround and the exit of their marketing leader, Colligo needed to build demand for a whole new product.

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Colligo Case Study


The legal push to change their name sparked a bolder brand which caught the eye of an acquirer.

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Verdazo Case Study

Accelerate Fund

To attract financing pitches from ambitious Alberta startup entrepreneurs, their marketing needed to resonate with innovators.

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Accelerate Fund Case Study

Calgary Scientific

With two distinct products and markets, Calgary Scientific needed to generate demand from both.

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Calgary Scientific Case Study

Start Alberta

Introducing Alberta’s tech community to the value of engaging with the Start Alberta data platform required a strategic marketing partner.

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Start Alberta Case Study