Why outsourcing tech marketing is NOT evil


You've heard it from about a hundred entrepreneurs, your business coach and even your hairdresser: outsourcing your marketing is doom for tech entrepreneurs.

We know. We used to say it. But we built this company to disrupt that thinking.

The rationale for not outsourcing goes like this:

  • If it's core to my business, it must happen under my roof.
  • No consultant is going to care enough about my business to contribute truly, madly, and deeply.
  • I can save LOADS of cash hiring versus outsourcing.
  • Outsource? No need - I can do everything myself with my caffeine IV.
  • Consultants are for sissies.

We get all that. How we work and our talent network faces those fears head on.

Our counter-argument goes like this:

  • The expertise you need to grow changes so fast you need a pool of talent not one or two people.
  • Your marketing budget - if spent on one hire -  will get you someone who maybe can plan, write and project manage. But you won't have money left for design, video, SEO - bad idea.
  • Experience in startups and scale-ups is rare. If you can borrow marekting experience gained with 40 other tech ventures why would you NOT buy that?!
  • Get chummy with Mark Zuckerberg. Ok, we have only been in a room with Mr. Zuckerberg, not had him for dinner, but we do know a lot of entrepreneurs, partners, investors and talent. Knowing us gets you a wider smart network.

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