More than doubled quality website traffic.


Increased web leads 40% year over year.


Successfully helped attract strong offers for acquisition.

What we did: Marketing leadership,rebrand & team mentorship.

  • Brand evolution & repositioning
  • SEO optimized website
  • Trade shows & supporting campaigns
  • B-monthly blog, case studies
  • Sales tools
  • Marketing team mentorship

When Enersight was growing rapidly, we partnered with Material Insight to boost our marketing horsepower and lead our marketing strategy. MI grew into mentors for our marketing team and worked closely with upper management to help us elevate our brand and website to support business expansion. They went beyond advising, working closely with sales reps on content marketing that boosted our search rank and fostered leads – all of which helped to position us strongly in our merger.

Dan Magyar, former Chief Operating Officer, Enersight

The challenge:
Convey the company’s actual strength.

Ten years into building a very successful software business, Enersight sought to achieve a new growth milestone. Despite having the majority of the energy industry as customers and being widely perceived as a premium software provider, Enersight’s marketing was elementary. 

To raise awareness in North America and position Enersight for growth, MI helped to elevate their brand. We led a marketing program, utilizing their 2-person junior marketing team, to reposition the company as a market leader and generate revenue growth, which ultimately led to a strategic merger.

The solution.

MI worked closely with the executive and sales team to understand current market perceptions of their petroleum planning software, and how Enersight wanted to be perceived. 

We then evolved the brand, re-developed their website and mentored their junior marketing staff to assist with carrying out consistent marketing campaigns including emails to prospects and customers, blogs, tradeshow events, sales support and online advertising campaigns – all to raise awareness and generate quality leads for sales.

New website claims market leadership.

We launched the strengthened Enersight brand on a new website that claimed leadership in “petroleum planning intelligence” for the energy industry. By selecting relevant search keywords for focus on the site, in cases studies and the blog, we more than doubled website traffic.

Sales tools amplify Enersight difference.

Boosting perception of Enersight took repeating a strong message. We collaborated with sales to create a polished slide deck, sales brochure and case studies reflecting the new story.

Articles demonstrate industry expertise.

We showcased Enersight’s decade-deep industry knowledge and their foresight on evolving energy industry planning issues with white papers, articles and blogs.

Video quickly conveys the software value.

To reach both project engineers and operations and corporate leaders, we needed a quick video to convey Enersight’s planning impact on high value decisions.

Online ads boost to awareness and leads.

To make Enersight highly visible in a short time, we ran online ads on select keywords to ensure prospects and potential acquirers would take notice.

The result: Reputation gains and revenue growth led to merger.

Enersight’s goal in engaging Material Insight was to reposition the company not just as a niche software player, but as an industry leader in capital-intensive petroleum planning, and as a valuable partner for acquisition or merger. The growth marketing program achieved that goal over two years.

Working with MI, Enersight was able to grow leads and revenue, expand in the US market, and attract several attractive acquisition and merger offers. Enersight chose to merge with industry leader, 3esi, and the combined companies are now rebranded as Aucerna. Enersight’s marketing team also succeeded at levelling up their careers and now oversee marketing using lessons learned under MI’s mentorship.


More than doubled quality website traffic.


Increased web leads 40% year over year.


Successfully helped attract a strong merger offer.

The Material Insight partners were some of the best and smartest mentors of my career. Bringing MI into Enersight helped me to learn rapidly, and contributed to a lot of the knowledge that helps me lead marketing today.

Brittany Bluestein, Former Enersight Marketing Manager

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